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02.Ogre Island Casino—Momotaro theme♪ 03.What's Yours Is Mine—Sinbad theme♪ 04.Welcome to Lieu-Gouet Resort—Urashima Taro theme♪ 05.In a Small Inferno—Little Match Girl theme♪ 06.Cinderella, Live on Stage!—Cinderella theme♪ 07.Sumo Club—Kintaro theme♪ 08.Hundred-year Slumber—Sleeping Beauty theme♪ 09.Goddesses of War of the Alps of the World—Clara and Heidi theme♪ 10.Dancing Karen!—Karen theme♪ 11.King of Muscles—Emperor theme♪ 12.To the Top—A New Beginning♪ 13.Dead Heat♪ 14.A Winning Pose♪ 15.And the Winner Is...

Revolve8: Revolve8 is a real-time strategy game released by Sega.
This music video is so-called "Sagyouyou BGM".

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