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[AC] US.Naby [Carrier Air Wing] [BGM]

[AC] US.Naby [Carrier Air Wing] [BGM] @youtube

Music content

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02.Player Select♪
03.Strategy, Weapon Select♪
05.Stage 1♪
06.Boss theme 1 (1,8-1)♪
07.Clear Stage ♪
08.Stage 2 ♪
09.Boss theme 2 (2,7,8-2)♪
10.Stage 3 ♪
11.Boss theme 3 (3,6,10-1)♪
12.Stage 4♪
13.Boss theme 4♪
14.Stage 5♪
15.Boss theme 5 (5,9)♪
16.Stage 6♪
17.Stage 7♪
18.Stage 8♪
19.Stage 9♪
20.Stage 10♪
21.Boss theme 6 (6,10-2 Laser)♪
22.Ending theme 1♪
23.Ending theme 2♪
24.Game Over♪

Carrier Air Wing: Carrier Air Wing, released in Japan as U.S. Navy, is a 1990 side-scrolling shooting game released for the CP System arcade hardware by Capcom.

This music video is so-called "Sagyouyou BGM".

Because I could not prepare the image of boss 1, I use the image of boss 8 of the same music.

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